Buying my new website

info: Thank you for contacting support.   Please be prepared to answer your Security Question when we begin chatting. To enhance our security protocols, we’ll need you to provide the answer to your Security Question at the beginning of our conversation. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up. Thank you. Please hold for the next available operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘John Sanders’
John Sanders: How can I help you today?
ryan: Yesterday I purchased a domain name. Today I would like to purchase web hosting that comes with a free domain name. Can I get a refund on the purchase I made yesterday and use that domain as my free one?
John Sanders: what is the username or domain
John Sanders: What is your favorite food?
ryan: huh, that’s the security question I answered? Have I got a different one?
John Sanders: yes that is your question
ryan: tofu?
John Sanders: Let me get the last four digits of your Credit Card on file
John Sanders: no tofu is not correct
ryan: on file for that domain should be ****
John Sanders: thats correct
John Sanders: Question: What is your favorite food?
John Sanders: Answer: gin
ryan: well, actually, it is, thanks…that’s pretty funny
John Sanders: what i can do is give you a free year
John Sanders: to make up for the lost domain
John Sanders: will that work out for you?
ryan: yes, that will work out fine. thanks
John Sanders: we are running a 66 dollar special
John Sanders: It’s for 24month of hosting
ryan: that’s the one I want
ryan: should I order through you, or just go to the main site? And, should I just ignore the free domain I get?
John Sanders: I’m handling it now
ryan: cool
John Sanders: and i’ll see about the best price i can give you
ryan: excellent. the price of gin has gone up recently!
John Sanders: I found a great deal for you… Three years of hosting I’ll add the free domain, you get a daily back up tool and some Google tools to help build Page Rank for only
John Sanders: Total Balance: $165.94
John Sanders: thats 55.31/year
John Sanders: VS the 66
ryan: not interested in all that. the $66 deal is fine for me right now
ryan: I don’t even have the site built yet
ryan: thanks for the offer though
John Sanders: the 66 dollar hosting is for 24 months
John Sanders: 132.00
ryan: yeah, that’s fine
ryan: I’m down with that deal
John Sanders: dont want the better price??
John Sanders: 132 for 2 yr … or 165.94 for 3 yrs
ryan: okay, I’ll take the better, 3 year package, but I’ll need to bill to a different card today. Also, is three years of domain name hosting included, or will I have to renew for the third year?
John Sanders: I’ll make sure you get 3 years of the domain
John Sanders: you said you want to use different billing
ryan: isn’t the free domain name for the duration of the hosting plan, then? I still have paid yesterday for a domain name only. can I get 3 years of hosting, but four years of domain name registration to make up for that?
ryan: yes, I have a different credit card
ryan: any chance I can pay you in empty bottles of gin?
John Sanders: no the domain name is not free
John Sanders: you get one free domain and thats for a year
ryan: oh, okay.
ryan: sounds like a good deal then
John Sanders: so what i was doing s adding on another for you
John Sanders: To match up the domain to the hosting
John Sanders: and I will not charge you for the domain
ryan: your certainly hooking me up then, and I appreciate that
John Sanders: what is the billing info?
ryan: one sec
John Sanders: i need the billing address
ryan: Ryan M Walsh, ***********************
John Sanders: cool
John Sanders: I’m ready for the number
ryan: *************** *** **/12
ryan: no luck on the gin deal, huh
John Sanders: what it the CVV
ryan: ***
John Sanders: thx
John Sanders: all done
John Sanders: you will get the reciept to
John Sanders: any other questions for me??
John Sanders: you will also get emailed confirmation for the domain registration too
ryan: okay. thanks. I’ll just recycle the empty bottles of gin, then. thanks for all the help. we’re good
John Sanders: no problem
John Sanders: Gave a great day!
John Sanders: and weekend!
ryan: you too. seeya…
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.


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