The Verge of Tears??

Okay, so I’ve changed to name of my blog for several reasons.   I originally thought that this was going to be a joint venture between me and Monika, but soon realized that I have much too large of an opinion and angle on any subject to imagine me and anyone else, including my wife, always seeing eye to eye.

The old name, Vegan Robot, was cute and all, but was really a nod to Monika, because after all, she is vegan…and a robot.  Well, she beeps a lot, and tries to reprogram me from time to time.  That’s all the evidence I need.

The truth is that as sarcastic a bastard as I usually try to be, I’m actually a pretty emotional guy.  If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, then I think you’ll know what I talking about.

Being on the verge of tears isn’t a bad thing at all. You can be on the verge of tears because you’re insanely happy as well as sad.  Perhaps you’re watching your loved one touch down on the tarmac after a tour in Afghanistan.  Maybe you’ve just found your kid in the basement closet after frantically calling the police because you thought he was kidnapped.  Maybe it’s just been a long week and you’re getting a massage from someone who loves you.

Of course, there’s just as many reasons to be on the verge of tears from sadness.  Not too long ago, I tried to learn a song on guitar so Monika and I could play it together.  It’s something we like to do for fun and to pass the time on our couch when we don’t feel like watching TV.  For two weeks I tried to learn all the lyrics and chords to Regina Spektor’s “Laughing With.”  I finally gave up when I couldn’t make it through the second verse without welling up.  Watch the video and listen to the lyrics and you’ll know what I mean.  Good Luck!

Letting your emotions get the best of you can be rather cathartic.  Sometimes it’s necessary to let things go and finally stop holding back.  And sometimes being on the verge of doing just that can be filled with such emotional struggle that it’s a feeling that is unmistakable.

Not every day can be filled with such importance or  such heavy meaning.  But even little things, every day, can bear deep layers of relevance when you scratch the surface.  Looking beneath and behind everyday normalness is where we can find connections we take for granted or overlook.  That can bring us closer to a more inner connected meaning in our lives.

Finding that place is what I try to do.  And, in part, is why I started this blog in the first place.  Even the smallest of things can be looked at from many different angles.  Some of them are mundane or typical.  Some of them, at the right time, in a unique light, can bring us to the verge of tears.

One Response to “The Verge of Tears??”

  1. Love reading about your life and hearing what you (and Monika) are up to. You guys have got to come and visit us here in Florida. I think you’d really like it!! Miss you and hope to see you soon. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy reading your updates.

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