Steve, Don’t Eat It!

At work, while winding through fifty year old film, I often bounce around the internet to occupy my caffeine fueled mind.  Usually I use stumbleupon, or digg, or just bounce off blogs until I end up at a dead end.  The other day I spent at least an hour on Steve’s blog, a hilarious place called

Check out his featured page called Steve, Don’t Eat That!   He courageously eats things that other cultures call food and we call rotten garbage.  And, to his credit, he actually is pretty objective about eating filth that I could barely stomach just looking at (see the bit about the swollen corn).

My blog has been loosely based on eating habits to a degree and I thought that Steve’s willingness to try foods that people wouldn’t usually want in their mouths was quite brave.  And, as he e mailed me the other day, apparently he has survived it all and lives to tell the tales until another day.


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