The Sixth of August, Two Thousand and Ten (Our Weekend with Sam and Tuk)

So, our last  night in Ohio was spent late night with Tuk’s sister and husband again. The next morning, Sam was off early and Monika, Tuk and I were very hungry.  Only on place to go…

The Wawa of the Western PA...Sheets!

Monika contemplates whether to order or plunder

okay, they had whole wheat rolls for us veggie dorks.

Lunch, a beer and....







...Goodbye Shots!!

so long Tuk, and thanks for all the memories

oh can buy fireworks legally in Ohio

I chose the biggest ones that they had

400 miles home

going through a tunnel or two


Franklin Square, the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge

We love those two, and their friends, and road trips.  And, finally coming back home to see our cats…and friends too.  Next time we see Sam and Tuk, they’ll be in costumes, and the leaves will be red and orange and yellow, and my garden will be dead, and we’ll be sure to have plenty of whiskey when they arrive, and a nice, warm bed for them to sleep in for as long as we can keep them here.


One Response to “The Sixth of August, Two Thousand and Ten (Our Weekend with Sam and Tuk)”

  1. so jealous of you guys for going!!! lol can’t wait for October for their visit…and Halloween 🙂

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