The Twenty Fifth of September, Two Thousand and Ten

I know it’s a few days late, and I try to post photos the day after the events, so it’s kind of current, but I got behind.  These are from the weekend.

I'm an organizer. I wish I had a before and after, but this is just the after. It's bar and tap supplies at my newest retail job. I'm such a nerd. A nerd on a lot of caffeine. And, yes, I actually like to do this kind of crap.

every weekend I will be taking pictures that I think define what the Berlin Mart is all about. Here is a clothing store across the hallway from my store. They specialize in camouflage in case you need to blend into a black 70's disco club.

My new camera, with external flash. I even have film for this dinosaur, but I still need to track down the 3V batteries.

Berlin Mar


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