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I have been running around, cleaning up all the loose ends from vacation.  Had to sanitize all the clothes just in case we got some bed bugs along the way, but I’m pretty sure we’re clean because I checked all the rooms before we slept in them.  Perhaps the bedbug problem isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.  I stayed in average hotels, 7 different ones in 7 nights, and found no trace of bedbugs at any of them.

I’m sick, also.  Not sure how it happened.  Traveling can do that to you.  Ten hours on a plane back from Italy can do that to you for sure.  And, perhaps, the jolt of being on a care free vacation and suddenly having to work the next day can certainly contribute to a weakened immune system.  Not so funny thing is, because I had not started this year expecting to go to Italy for a week, I’m not sure I even have any days off left to take a sick day anymore.  Gotta check with the boss today.

I am working on a small collection of photos to post from our trip.  I easily took over a thousand.  We were in 9 different cities over the course of a week.  I was in more churches in 7 days than probably the last ten years combined.  But, vacation was over, and we were back to reality in no time.  So…back in the Berlin Mart…

Originally wanting to call his new store "Mother fuckin' Spices, Nigga'," and then the tamer "Spices 'n Shit," Bob finally settled on the more PC name of "Spices and Stuff."

I organize and label like a fiend. I think the store had to up its budget on labeling tape since I've landed there.

For the Eagles game, I made individual tin foil bowls of nachos for everyone. Worked out pretty good. I considered making a whole blog about how to do it, but the picture should pretty much explain everything you need to know.


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