Kat’s Dinner

We decided to play it low key for Kat’s birthday, and so just the four us went out.  Kat chose Bar Ferdinand, a fancy little place in Northern Liberties in a newly renovated section of town.  This section is called The Piazza, and it’s pretty damn nice.  It was built on the site of the old Schmidt’s Brewery and includes apartments, restaurants, store and artists’ studios.  At the one end, there’s a huge LED television overlooking the courtyard.  Last night, game 1 of the World Series was on.

This is a view of the Piazza. It's across the street from the restaurant we dined at. It was a damn fine place to sit back with a beer and a cigar, and watch the World Series in beautiful weather.

These are the apartments that overlook the Piazza.

Bar Ferdinand has lots of tapas, which is basically the same as saying “expensive, small appetizers.”  That being said, they were all delicious.  We all shared everything we ordered, and had many drinks as well.  The atmosphere was great, and it was busy but not crowded on a Wednesday night, so it was nearly perfect dining.

The seasonal craft brew list. I had the "Abbey of Christ in the Desert" Belgian Ale that was unmemorable, and the delicious Duck-Rabbit DoppleBock! Highly recommended.

but, the evening was all about a night out with close friends.



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