Italian Vacation 2010, Day 4

We packed up in Bologna, and hit the road towards Venice, which is about 3 hours northeast. When we got to the dock, the boat to take us to Venice was still half an our away.

Let's drink! Seriously, though, when I opened my suitcase to get out the bottle of wine and beer I had stowed, I discovered that the bottle of beer had leaked, making most of my shirts smell more like beer than the regular whiskey smell. Not big deal. Aired them out later. Drank beer immediately.

Venice has no roads with cars, only canals. We sung "I'm on a Boat" all the way to the dock.

This is the center of Venice, St. Marks Square. An amazing church that I only wish I could share photos of. And lots of open air cafes and tourists, to be honest.

This is a glimpse into the extensiveness of the interior. Every surface is marble, or gold, or granite. In every style. This shows the diversity of the columns on the front corner of the church.

We went a bit off the beaten path to grab lunch at a small cafe. The paninis were great....

...and so were the drinks.

This is like the South Street of Venice. I guess it's a bit touristy, and there's no doubt about that, but it's still beautiful anyway, and I love crowds.

But we found a borderline Steampunk Bar, and Monika and I enjoyed some delicious cocktails and free sushi!

I think the touristy thing settles down, and the vendors go home at night, but....

we headed back to Bologna, where we met this guy, who apparently exchanged free drinks at the hotel bar for the opportunity to put his arms around young, American girls.

As always, check the entire photo gallery of day four here.


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