The Fourth of December, Two Thousand and Ten

On Saturday, we headed to Cherry Hill for the annual Hanukkah party at the Shanfeld home.  Because we don’t exchange gifts for eight nights straight, we just save them all for this party and exchange all of them over a few drinks and good times.

first we had to get the formalities out of the way. Schmoo and J-me light the menorah

everyone looks on as Gisela picks the next present to dispense

Kreg's eyes welled with tears. he was touched by such a thoughtful gift!

Monika turns red because she just unwrapped five pairs of panties in front of a crowd of "adult" friends

Kat and Monika crack up at the "fuzzy friends" coloring book that they both will surely use in the near future.

later, we visited Rob and Marla for her birthday, but I failed to take any pictures. Instead, here's a picture of Dan and Gisela after drinking some more back at our house!


2 Responses to “The Fourth of December, Two Thousand and Ten”

  1. This is the best! I love the pictures! Best Chanukah party ever!!

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