End of Year Pics, December 2010

we had the yearly Holiday party at Films. It's been ebb and flow with the parties at work since I've worked there, but you know what...even the lamest of them have been 10 times cooler than every single party we ever had at Sam Ash. Seriously, I loved the place when I was there, but....

...they never had some shit like this!! It's a giant, frozen snowflake with a tube running through the guts. Pour vodka in one side, out somes an ice-cold shot to dump into either a cranberry, cosmo, or into an empty cup, like me and my boss...twice.

we headed to Philly to see Jordan's band play a sick set to debut his new album

this place was pretty cool. we hung upstairs, which actually was an absinth bar, and had a delicious, seriously delicious absinthe I had never tried before.

well, most of you know how this one went down

Christmas Eve at Plunge Lounge!

a gift from kreg and kat...and truly appropriate

seriously, martinis for Christmas is pretty perfect.

then came the snow the day after Christmas. there are no pictures because we just got snowed in and drunk...hey, this blog is honest.


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