New Years road trip Part 2: Boardman, Ohio

Monica made it through the night, and since we had gone to bed so early, we were packed and on the road early.  Kat wanted to drive the rest of the way to Ohio, so I had a chance to be a passenger and take some pictures.

we drove west along Lake Erie, so there were a lot of windmills and nothing.

it didn't take too long, despite some stops for fuel, food and what not. 1 pm, New Years Eve, we arrive just in time as our bourbon was almost completely gone.


ahhhh, that's the ticket. whiskey!

actually, because Steve wasn’t home yet, we went out to The Flaming Icecube to score some vegan lunch, and then to the liquor store to get party supplies.

okay, Steve's home, let's do shots!

some time together before the impending party.

we went to Steve's dad's house to the big party. His sister and some of their firends all showed up, and there was plenty to do. Drink, play pool, Kinect dance party...

this is just after the ball dropped. We watched, and all had a toast of champagne, of course.

our girls, looking scandalous.

next morning, I made us all omlettes to cover our hangovers.

Sam had to go to work, so we went for a hike at Mill Creek Park

an ice wall. it's hollow on the other side, with just this one hole in the entire thing.

we're lucky that this park is so huge and so close to Sam and Tuk.

yeah, sometimes I even have someone else take a picture. rare, but not impossible

kinda looks like the set of a movie. It was very overcast, and very foggy, and made for an excellent setting


Monika showing off her local support with the shirt that Sam and Tuk bought her for Christmas

ah, there's that familiar self shot photo

Later that night, we all went out to dinner to some fancy local Mexican place that really did have excellent food, especially when you’re already drunk when you get there.  I watched the Winter Classic over Monika’s shoulder on a big screen.  The ending of a very thrilling, and quite busy vacation.  I passes out on the couch at home watching Black Swan before leaving the next morning for home.

WAIT! Before really leaving Ohio for good, the next morning we met Sam after her shift ended at a crazy night club/suchi bar for one last round of shots and beers before we hit the road, for real this time. Great times, as always.



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