The Twenty Sixth of January, Two Thousand and Eleven

Not too much going on here in our lives right now.  We tried to go hiking last Saturday afternoon and that was a mistake.  No pictures or adventure stories from that excursion.  We’ve been laying low since we’re on the wagon for another week and a half, so no crazy stories either.

Craig and I did make two 5 gallon batches of beer over the weekend.  I already had a batch going, so that means, in addition to the ridiculous amount of alcohol and beer already in the house, ready for Super Bowl, we also now have 15 gallons of home brew that may be ready to drink by then.

Anyway, Monica has started work at a new job and isn’t here with me right now.  I’m waiting for the snow storm to hit us for a second time today, and see what happens overnight.  It’s raining now, at 6 pm.  I’ll update some pictures and it will either be awesome (lots of snow) or shitty (lots a snowy rain).


One Response to “The Twenty Sixth of January, Two Thousand and Eleven”

  1. More snow coming, get ready readers, I am hoping there is another adventure snow hike coming!!!

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