Pictures from the Last Two Weeks

rarely do I get to visit the sound stage at my work. and I don't know what stage set this is because I don't ever watch the programs we make, but...

I think it's the set of the Shwotime show Inside the NFL or something.

looks pretty fancy. perhaps you recognize it.

went to this place for my father-in-law's birthday party.

gave him his presents in the parking lot, including an awesome garden gnome with a solar powered latern

had a show at Curran's that went pretty well. Earlier that evening, we got word that Sam was making an emergency trip to Jersey and was going to be at my show.

I didn't get any pictures of the show that night, but it was a long one as you can see from this pic taken shortly after we got home.

the party continued the next night at our house.

where I took some fancy pictures with my fancy phone

I really can't resist taking pictures of hot girls

especially when they do this



kreg makes an appearance, of course

then Lorie came to join the party. coincidently, all the girls were wearing white

before Sam left, I made a huge batch of sushi after she and Monika went shopping at H-Mart.

The day she left was our anniversary. Monika and I went back to Valley Green Inn for our annual dinner in Wissahickon Park.

and I finally got the Radiohead CD, The King of Limbs deluxe fancy edition with clear vinyl records.

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