The Twenty Seventh of July, Two Thousand and Eleven

Monika and I are going on vacation next week, and we plan to do some geocaching with my droid alone. I actually bought the real app today, and gave it a try at lunchtime. It actually worked the best of all of them I've tried. This is where I found my first of three successful caches at lunch.

The NFL CBA was finally signed, all the employees are being reimbursed for their lost wages, and in celebration, our HR director ordered Mrs. Softee to stop by and give everyone in the company free ice cream. Normally I wouldn't eat ice cream because it lacks nutrition, it's not vegan, and not all that delicious to tell you the truth. But, free is free, and we all had reason to celebrate.

the other night, I aimlessly chomped down on my 15 year old tongue ring and chipped my tooth, which was fine, but a bit sensitive to the cold beer that I'll be consuming in massive quantities over the next week. Shockingly enough, this shot is an actual record of all the fillings in my mouth, which apparently is made of limestone and not enamel at all.

on the way home, I had to stop by the warehouse store, but took the long road through the new Voorhees hospital. The place is amazingly huge, and this is just one angle.


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