Sometimes the Ice Cream Melts

I woke having remembered the last part of my dream.  It took place a while back, perhaps ten or 15 years.  I was younger, I knew that.  I was with friends, including one who was a police officer, I guess.  There was a small crew of us and we were hanging outside an Arcade.  It looked like the arcade from Smithville, which I saw two months ago, except it was at night.  The feeling was a lot like the boardwalk at night in The Lost Boys

I had an ice cream Sunday with me as we walked around.  Some one told us that a friend of ours had gotten into trouble.   This guy was just like a friend I used to have about ten years ago, so I assume I was thinking it was him.  I’m not sure why he was on my mind last night.  He had been busted by the police in a drug sting.  We headed to his house, which was basically further down the boardwalk.

He was being led out by police, but because he was friends with the cop in our crew, he was allowed to say goodbye to every one of us.  He hung his head low, and we all shook our heads.  It was saddening.  My ice cream melted in the cup.  As he was led away, I realized I like the sundae better after the ice cream had melted.

Then it was 10 years later.  Our friend still wasn’t around, we had all lost touch.  We were all back together, though, and were in a club.  There was a DJ in the center of the floor spinning records.  It was very nostalgic to have all of us together again.  I got the feeling that we had all lost touch to some degree in that decade, our lives diverging like they do.

I had another drink with me, and I said to my friend, “Sometimes it’s better when the ice cream melts, ya know?”  And he was confused.  He asked me what that meant.  I explained that sometimes things are only this good after all things fall apart, melt, fade away…and we can remember them again with a fondness we only feel from a distance and can appreciate how the past has shaped the present.

I don’t know how that all makes sense, but I really do feel that way.  There was a time in my life when I did fall apart.  And things wouldn’t be the way they are today if  my life hadn’t gone to shit at some point in the past.  And life is much sweeter today because of it.

One Response to “Sometimes the Ice Cream Melts”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Taking the very rocky path in life and having fallen and scraped my knees several times, makes me cherish what I have today.

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