Random Recent Pictures

Eno learned quickly how to climb a ladder, but wasn't really sure how to walk backwards down them again.

I had to go see a doctor in Philly, and on my walk back to the Patco train, I came across the remnants of a classic Philly Toynbee Tile.

If you have no idea what the above picture is all about, clickey here.  The above one can be seen next to a parking lot near 8th and Ludlow

If you go to find the tile, find this mural at 8th and Ludlow and stand at this perspective. then look at your feet.

on the way home, I took a side trip down Jackson Road between Atco and Medford. This was the sunset

another day, I got stopped at an intersection by this freight train. this line runs all the way to Camden, through Moorestown and Mt laurel

at Costco, they now carry Mexican Coke. It's just like American coke, but they use cane sugar instead of corn syrup, like in the olden days. Tried it. Taste the same. Fancy bottles, though.

and at home depot, they have these awesome retro light bulbs that look like they're from the late 1800s. I now have to find a lamp or lantern that has an exposed bulb so I can put these to good use.


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