The Seventh of May, Two Thousand and Thirteen

Every first Tuesday of the month, Monika and I have a Barley Legal Homebrewers meeting.  Since the meeting is closer to work than our home, we decided to meet for dinner before we headed to the meeting.


Normally we grab dinner or a least a bite to eat at Iron Hill in Maple Shade. But, before the meetings, it gets really crowded at the bar, so instead, we met at Champps Americana. They have great veggie burgers and great beer.


Then, to Iron Hill for our meeting. This month our meeting was actually a testing session for Philly Beer Geek competition. We all participated, and had more fun than business as usual.


and, of course, there was beer tasting. Best part may have been our new, customized, Barley Legal King of the Hill Beer Club mugs. And, I won some beer in the raffle, and that’s always a nice thing – leaving with more than I came with.


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