Pendulums Swing; Weights Fall; Time Runs Out

Pendulums Swing Until Weights Hit Bottom

This week I’ve been  preparing the best I can to go away for a while.  I’ve never been gone this long before.  The people that mean the most to me will have to live without me, and realize that they can.

Not everyone gets a chance to prepare for missing home, or being alone, or losing someone you love.   I get that luxury that many people in life don’t get.  The comfort of knowing I’ll be missed while I’m gone, and that others hope I’ll be back soon.

Some of us never know the warmth of being loved, or suddenly find that what we thought was love was just an empty hollow hunger.  No one should ever have to feel that way.  It’s inhuman to do that to a person.

But time still ticks, in my head, in my home, in my life.   In everyone’s life.  And time will always tell.  It will tell what’s true, what’s right and wrong, and what are  just words and what is  reality.

So I stay true to the things I knew when I was younger.  That the emotions I feel I will never apologize for.  That I should do to others what I deserve of myself.  That I should admit when I’ve done someone wrong, and fight for what I think is right.  That I know I’m not perfect, but no one is, and when we accept that as people, we can finally move on together.  That accepting change in life is something to embrace, and not fight, because allowing ourselves to clutch to the past only causes pain.

Time unfeelingly marches forward.  In time, feeling empathy for one another moves us all forward together.

Is it weird that my concern is which of the clocks I wind in life will be stopped when I come home?


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