Unlocked Doors

Tonight, instead of blogging from my hotel room, while listening to Howard Stern by the light of my rock, sipping a martini, I’m stuck at the compound.  Tonight is a special kind of night.  And it’s kind of an initiation, or hazing, for me at my first ever Super Bowl.

Every one else on my three compounds has cleared out.   There’s only me left.  Until who knows when, but I’m told not past 6 am, so that’s nice.  I’ve gone around to every trailer, unlocked every door, unlocked every storage cabinet, every bathroom.

And now I wait.  They’ll be here eventually.  They’ll leave nothing unturned.  And at some point, I’ll get the go ahead that I can finally go home.  After the noise of helicopters and barking dogs, I’ll get to go back and sleep.

Until then, just sitting here with my two laptops, watching the grammys and doodling, and trying not to bother anyone.  Hope that works out.


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