Big Events and Live Blogging

Well, here we are.  Super Bowl Sunday.  Practically a national holiday.  Just a game to me, though.

I’m in my trailer on the compound, my back to the stadium, the game being played just about 100 yards behind me.  I can feel the end in sight.  Two weeks of non stop work will be wrapped up in just two days.   Banners torn down, fences taken away, furniture returned and trailers trailed away.

I’ll bring all the things from my office back to the hotel room, and Tuesday night, pack up everything that occupies my temporary home and say good bye.  It’s been pretty grueling, but I’ve had plenty of fun, and my spirit hadn’t been broken until just yesterday, when too many people gave too many ridiculous requests, “talent” showed up and starting being pretentious, and they screewed up my credentials so that I’ll be watching Bruno Mars on a tv instead of from the field.  Just another day of work.

Whatever.  I didn’t come here for a holiday.  I came to do what needed to be done.  I can miss the half time show.  Not a huge fan anyway.  It does look like, as of right now anyway (because things change literally every minute during a live event, behind the scenes) I’ll be pulling cables on the field as soon as the game ends.

So, for everyone who hasn’t seen me in over two weeks, you can look for me on tv if your watching the game.  I’ve got on a black Barley Legal Home Brewers tee shirt, a super bowl hat (with possibly a bright green X on the top) and bright yellow work gloves.  I’ll be working on the sideline, at the Broncos 10 yard line, on the “B” side, pulling cables down the sideline and into the  end zone, behind all the broadcasters.

Might even make people who normally wouldn’t watch the game, or the trophy ceremony, turn on the tv for half an hour or so.  See everyone when I get home.


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