Tuesday’s Music – Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek

This tune cracks me up.  It’s technically by a band called Sun Kil Moon, which is really just Mark Kozelek.  I’ve been a fan of his ever since I was in high school, twenty years ago.  Back then, he was part of a band called Red House Painters, one of my all time favorite shoe gazer bands.

When that band kind of just stopped being, he released some solo records before renaming himself Sun Kil Moon.  All of it’s amazingly beautiful, slow and methodic, with complicated acoustic guitar work and haunting vocals.  When Monika and I saw him play in a church a few years back, I became so entranced and relaxed listening to the smooth, slow vocals and guitar reverb that I actually nodded off in the middle of the show.  It was a good thing.

This song is a little different.  Way more upbeat than most of his stuff.  And with sax!  This song is about Mark realizing that he’s just not a young guy anymore, and though other people think he’s a rock star, he’s really just a middle aged romantic, and is better off at home in his studio than backstage at The Postal Service show.   Enjoy.


And, here are a few old favorites:






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