Sam’s Birthday – Hibachi and Whiskey – AKA How to Throw a Birthday Party

Sam’s birthday usually lasts a month.  It’s getting more difficult to make that happen with all of us together.  We’ve all got multiple jobs that conflict with themselves, let alone jive with all of our schedules.  But, once in a while, we can make this happen:

Reasonably Polite Dinner with Friends (whisper the dirty jokes, and make sure the birthday girl doesn’t pay the bill)


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Toasts and Candles and Cake and Kisses (every party needs them, and kisses can be bites! )

Group Poses (because at this point, you might not remember everything, nor should you)

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Inevitable Dancing (notice, I’m the photographer, not the dancer)

Sappy Walsh Reflection About Friendship and Life

Birthday parties, Easter, weddings, Passover, New Years, Hanukkah and Christmas, Valentines Day, anniversaries.  It’s easy to let these events grow stale.  Let’s face it, they happen every single year, year after year.  And even though I do think that my birthday is just another day of the week, and another number of my life, there is something more.

I recently bought a new laptop.  I had to copy every digital photo I have ever shot  from my old drive to the new one.  All 81.1 Gigs, all 661 folders, all 30,263 individual photographs.  Every one represents some moment in my past that I chose to keep, to remember, to hold onto.

Because, in life, you can’t hold onto everything or everyone forever.  My blog is something that reminds me of all the amazing times I’ve shared with the people in my life.  And birthday parties, no matter how old you are, no matter how you don’t “need” a party, are a golden opportunity to align our busy schedules and figure out a way to to get back together with the people we love.  And…sometimes (just sometimes)…just dance.


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