The Mends (aka My Blood Will Thicken)

I’ve started, and then unfinished a bunch of posts in the last few months.  A new job derailed me for a while, and I guess it forced me to reassess what really matters.  Oddly enough, that took me away from what I really wish I could do everyday…write.  So, here’s my latest fucking gem.


The pile of shirts with missing buttons was built in my closet over years.

They weren’t old, or broken, or worthless.

Just damaged.

I wouldn’t throw them away for a reason

or donate them;

there was nothing really wrong with them at all,

except that I couldn’t wear them any longer.

They needed mending.

Yesterday, I took out a needle and some thread

to fix the damage that was done

and tried my best to make things look like nothing ever happened.

I guess it looks all right.

I don’t think anyone will notice the stray threads

or my inexperienced hands,

but I will always know which buttons aren’t quite right.



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