Ronnie Mund – Howard Stern’s Birthday Poem – “61 Years”

Here we go again…this is the trasncription from the January 12th, 2015 broadcast of the Howard Stern Show, when Ronnie Mund delivers a stunning rendition of his newest poem.  This is the raw material that I will attempt to re-write into something that has a little class, and a lot less words that rhyme.  

It was January 12th in the 1950s
In a time when music and radio were kinda nifty
At this time a stork delivered a boy named Stern
Whose name would change radio and make it diffy.
As the years went by his words would be heard by many radio bosses
Who would think his manner was iffy
Along came the FCC and would turn his life into turmoil in a jiffy
Alas!  A satellite in the sky would make a venue
where Stern could say…“I got a stiffy!”
Today, 61 years later, the nifty, diffy, iffy, jiffy, stiffy  Stern
Can say to them all…”Fuck off, look what I’ve done,
look what I’ve earned!”
Happy Birthday, Du!

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