I remember her waving goodbye

I remember her waving goodbye the last time I saw her.

we had an awkward kiss and I promised that it would be better the next time

Her name was Ocean.

I’m certain I was the first to ever tell her that she was beautiful

she blushed in the most adorable way

pink rushing into her dimpled cheeks,

she covered her mouth and her eyes swelled with salty tears

as she looked away in embarrassment at the ground beneath her feet

the same way that, later that Summer, she said “shit” after cutting her toe

on a loose nail on the boardwalk while we held hands.

Her eyes were the cerulean color of the Keys

and her locks the color of sand.

I haven’t seen her face for years now.

I learned the other day

from a friend that she’s passed away.

waves of emotion swallowed me

and washed away my ability to hold myself together.

sometimes it takes news like this to remind me

that at the end, even a curse can mean the world.


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