Death Cab For Cutie Philadelphia 09-06-2015 TLA

So Monika’s birthday crept up on me as Summer wound down, and the issue of a great gift to give her this year snuck up on me, I will admit.  I really have a wonderfully tragic way of ignoring perfectly reasonably signs and signals of what she would like, and end up honestly having no idea what she would like or what she wants.  Everything I know she could use, seems like a shallow birthday present from a husband who should have some kind of a clue and some kind of romantic inkling of what the woman he sleeps next to every night might cherish.   New running shoes.  Nope.  A case of Champagne.  Too thoughtless.  Tickets to a concert I want to see with her.  Too selfish.

But hey, sometimes it works out.  After the Made In America festival this weekend in Philly, Death Cab for Cutie decided to wrap the weekend up by playing a solo show at the TLA on South Street, which only holds 810 people at capacity, and is by far the smallest show we could ever see them play.  Throw in the fact that they were the band that we chose to walk down the aisle to and also have our first dance to on our wedding day, and I was sold.  So I scored us some tickets, which wasn’t the easiest or cheapest thing to do, and took Monika for her birthday show last night.

Here are some pics.  I didn’t take a lot.  I’ve dialed back how many I take at shows because it can be obnoxious.  And I only took a few videos, even though I whispered to her that I wouldn’t.  The first is the song that I fell in love with and originally hooked me on DCFC.  The second is the song that our friends played live as Monika walked to be wedded.  The third– our first married dance.

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