Novemberfest III-2009

So, today we attend Novemberfest III, 2009.  Back in 2006 we wanted to have a day to get together and have some drinks, carve some pumpkins, and, uh…have some drinks.  Take a look at us back then…

A lot has changed since then…but we still have the need to get together when the weather starts to gets bitter and the leaves begin to fall.  There’s beer to drink before the end of the year, and we’re the clean up team to do it.

This year we have a trophy for biggest drinker, but we still don’t know how to select the winner.  I’m assuming whoever stays up the latest simply takes the trophy to bed with them and that’s that.  It’s been raining since Wednesday because of Hurricane Ida, but it looks like she might be drying out tonight. We’ll be drying out tomorrow night.  Cheers



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