old friends

This weekend has been filled with a lot of old memories and friends.  To begin, Monika and I have a house guest.  My good friend for many years has fallen on some very tough times, and has precious few people to turn to.  I can’t say that we’ve been the closest of friends in the last few years, sometimes going several months without even a phone call, but true friends always find a spare bed for each other when the time finally comes.

It wasn’t all that long ago, when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life, enduring a break up with an ex and a love affair with something completely different, that a true friend put me up for a while.  At the time, he was dating his future wife, and was living in a rather small apartment with his cat, and wasn’t exactly in the best of health himself.  But, against all good judgment, he knew that I needed a friend to be a crutch, and looking back on it now, I know that without that, I may have never made out as well as I did.  So when a friend needs a place for a minute or two, I feel somewhat honored to give back to the karma pool of just “being there.”

Tonight, I continued a reconnect with my life-long friend.  It is truly amazing to be able to reach that far back into my past with friends who were there to live it with me.  And, as much as the east coast, and NJ, and all the fast paced living can really get to me, I don’t think I will ever leave here because this is where my family and friends live.  Even after years, and circumstances, we can still pick up right where we left off, and I think that is the mark of true friendship.  And, I’ve decided, that in the coming months and years, that I will value the Brownies oath of “make new friends but keep the old.”  But, instead of reliving past memories, I’d like to make new ones with my friends, every day, so perhaps we never have to talk about yesterday, but tomorrow instead.


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  1. I love you both.

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