The Second of September, Two Thousand and Ten *Monika’s Birthday

It was Monika’s birthday, but unfortunately we both had to work.  After work, in preparation for the weekend’s adventure, I had to stop by my local brew shop for some supplies.

perhaps my possible future place of employment

Kreg came by to deliver some presents, and I snapped this mostly disturbing shot…

monika and the "dirty neighbor"

Monika shows off one of the presents I gave her

Fat Tomato for birthday dinner courtesy of my second parents...

Fat Tomato have got a handful of vegetarian options, and they could be made vegan by request.  Not the healthiest, that’s for sure, but damn delicious cuisine with a nod towards healthy-esque.  They served french fries with a reduced balsamic vinegar as dressing instead of cheddar cheese and bacon bits!

later, Marla and Rob visit with presents for M and beer for R

despite my objections, M tries to smuggle our cat into Ohio!!

Stay tuned>>>  —verge


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