The Third of September, Two Thousand and Ten

The start of Labor Day weekend.  Right before the start of school, and the football season, it was our last chance at a long weekend adventure.  We decided to get on the road and visit our friends Sam and Steve in Ohio.  Before we left, we had to make a seven hour stop at Monika’s classroom to prepare it for the new year on Tuesday.  Along with her April, Monika and I busted ass and got the job done in record time…we were the first out of the school, and the only on our way to Oh!0

sanitized, organized, institutionalized

the classroom turned out perfect, in a hurry

Then, we headed west, after a short stop at PJ’s for some “encouragement.”

it takes three tunnels to get to Samland

we love Sheetz!

the perfect welcome

our first shot together in months

birthday party part III

we love Ohio!


One Response to “The Third of September, Two Thousand and Ten”

  1. looks like fun, hope you all are having a great time, try not to drink too much…HA HA HA…Sam, you look great….

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