The Fourth of September, Two Thousand and Ten (Our weekend with Sam and Tuk)

We were literally so busy this weekend, I didn’t even check the stats on my blog let alone update it.  Shit, I didn’t even make an appearance on Facebook for three days straight.

Well, here it is…our weekend in pictures.

Breakfast with Sam. The first half of this bottle is what caused Sam's facial injury. None of us know can remember how it happened.

Maker’s Mark 46 is a delicious bourbon that, hopefully, will not be a limited edition, while supplies last endeavor by my favorite distillery.

Monika plays emo girl in her new Paramore hoodie

Monika and Sam went to the bread store. Steve had to work on Saturday morning.

Vegan cafe, even in Ohio. I wished I got to this place, but Monika and Sam left me at home. The food that they brought back was awesome.

Looks like they have two locations, and I recommend you hit them up when you’re in Cleveland!

and the party begins again!

we went for a hike at Mill Creek Park. Had no idea where we were going, but it hardly matters

Mill Creek Park is a huge park in Youngstown.  Oddly enough, Youngstown share some interesting similarities to our neck of the woods.  For instance, parts of Youngstown are often considered just as bad as parts of Camden, NJ.  On the other hand, Mill Creek Park is the second largest metropolitan park in the country, with only Fairmount Park in Philly surpassing it.  I didn’t see any abandoned neighborhoods. I did see a whole lot of beautiful foot trails and paths, and we had an amazing 4 hour hike.

I have enough of these to make a "chicks and trucks" calendar

working on building memories

Monika was pretending the ground was lava. how convenient, for her.

Monika thought this was a good pic of me, and insisted I put it in the blog.

we found a playground, and took advantage

that girl is a monster.

for dinner, we went to a Lebanese restaurant, and it was truly delicious (and had tons of vegan food)

Apparently a chain, they have these places everywhere, as close as Maryland.  The food was affordable and generous, the staff was awesome, and they had a liquor license.  And we took a doggy bag home.

alien eyes

her too!

we hit up a bar after dinner, and it was delicious.

Beer and Liquor sales are a little different in Ohio, and actually better than the sale laws in Jersey and PA.  It’s not too difficult to beat PA, but lately, the Jersey laws have gotten pretty liberal.  Nevertheless, Ohio has it a lot cooler.  First of all, you can get beer and wine at any local Sheets, which is basically the Ohio equivalent of Wawa, but on steroids.  I know it sounds crazy, but they are better.

And then there’s the Vintage Estate Wine and Beer.  They have 800 vareities of bottled beer that you can buy by the case, sixer, of single bottle.  The twist is this.  You can buy a bottle, walk into the next room, and sit down and the bar and drink it!  They give you a chilled glass, and even have a dozen local micro brews on tap.  You can even walk back into the liquor store and browse the selections while still drinking your brew.  Pretty amazing.

at dinner, we met Steve's sister...

...and her husband John...

for a late night party fire back at Steve and Sam's


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  1. maya your fave person everrrr Says:

    jealous completely of monika’s paramore sweater…

  2. you guys should have gone geocaching while at the park in ohio,

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