Keg & Barrel and Sisters Nightclub

I began to brew my own beer a few years ago when Kreg got one of those Mr. Beer kits.  Over the years, he and I have found time whenever we can to experiment with different recipes and methods.  Some batches are an amazing success and I’m eager to share a homebrew with friends who will be obviously thoroughly impressed at my amazing brewing skills.  Others have been dumped into the sewer, literally.

Not long ago, there was a home brew supply store down off the Black Horse Pike called Beercrafters.  They had ample supplies and a well learned staff who were pretty damn helpful.  I learned a lot there, and spent even more money.  For some reason, after 16 years, they suddenly closed, and I was left to search for a reliable shop that wasn’t in Philly or in Freehold.

Then, like magic, a new shop opened in the Berlin Farmer’s Market right around the corner from my house in Atco.  At first, there wasn’t a ton of stuff, but over the weeks, the bare shelves started to fill up with product.  And good product, tons of product I had never seen at the “other” beer supply stores.  So, I had found a new supply store and the brewing proceeded.

Now, when Kreg and I brew beer, we usually drink beer.  Brewing beer is exactly like drinking a lot of beer except that the stove is on and the entire house smells like beer, so guests don’t know it’s actually you reeking.  On several occasions, we had to make runs to the beer store on the day of the brew for some last minute supplies.

A few times I ran into a girl who was working the register and helping out customers.  The store really isn’t all that busy, maybe 2 or 3 people in there at a time, max.  So Gina was really helpful and pretty outgoing and really tried to make customers feel welcome.  Turns out, it’s her and her husband’s shop.  Pretty good motivation to be friendly and helpful.

So, with a nice buzz on, I noticed a sign on the register that said help wanted.  I asked her about it and she offered to take my information down.  I gave it up, not knowing the hours they needed filled, nor the cash it would be paying.  I just thought, “hey, what the hell, working at a beer making store would be pretty cool, right?”

Well, I didn’t hear from Gina, or her husband for at least  a month, and based on my social skills at that first interview, and the scrawl that would only pass for an application at a car wash or gas station, I figured they’d dismissed me all together.  Not so!  They called, and I now work at Keg & Barrel, the finest home brew and wine supply store this side of the Delaware River.

If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I'm grabbing my Winchester and headed to the home brew store. Enough supplies to keep me alive for at least...a week.

This is the Berlin Mart interior. Filled with crap, tube socks, weird foods I would never eat and...

...the finest tee shirts money can buy!

The bathrooms have granite floors and marble sinks. that red thing outside the door on the table...Yep! that's actually a tip jar for the guy who thinks this is "clean."

Well, my first day was pretty good.  The staff I worked with were awesome, friendly, and totally helpful.  The customers weren’t too bad either.  I definitely know, for fact, I will have many a blog telling stories about the lively characters you’ll find at the Berlin Mart.  And, I’ll have a little extra beer money.  How convenient.

Later that night, we headed into Philly to Sisters Nightclub to celebrate the marriage of two friends to one another.  They were friends that Monika had met in grad school and are awesome.  Monika not only convinced them to get married where we got married (The Valley Green Inn, because it’s just damn beautiful), but also that they should use our photographer friend Kat to shoot their whole wedding.

sisters from the parking deck across the street

Jenn (the bride), Monika (hands off!) and Kat (photographer)

didn't want to take too many pictures in a club, but the self portrait is a must

Congratulations Megan and Jenny!  It just gets better and better, I promise.


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