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Keg and Barrel Home Brew Supply gets a New Location

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While I was away at the Super Bowl, the owners of the store I work in, Keg and Barrel Home Brew Supply,  decided it was finally time to move out of the Berlin Mart and into a bigger and better location.  It’s only a mile or so away, and it’s going to be a lot nicer.  I wasn’t gone for very long, but sometimes things seem huge when you’re not around to see them change slowly.

Here are pictures from last week while the new location was still under construction, and a bunch from Monday, when we moved the bulk of the merchandise out of the old and into the new.  You should be able to tell which one is which, I hope!

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The Sixth of August, Two Thousand and Thirteen – Barley Legal Home Brewers visit the new Flying Fish Brewery

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This month’s home brewers’ meeting was graciously hosted by our friends at Flying Fish Brewery at their brand new, amazingly eco-friendly site in Somerdale, NJ.

Big Brew Day 2013 – Barley Legal Homebrewers

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Another great time at Iron Hill with my home brew club, brewing hundreds and hundreds of gallons of fine homebrew.  I got a hell of a sun burn.  I’ll have to try to remember the sunscreen next year.  (photos courtesy of Larry Wagstaff)

Pour A Palooza – Barley Legal Home Brewers @ The Pour House – July 27, 2009 – Westmont NJ

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Well, that was a little crazy, and a lot of fun.  Check out the animated photos, and the panoramas.  Another great weekend event with my brothers and sisters from Barley Legal Home Brewers.

Cleaning the Barley Legal Jockey Box

Posted in Barley Legal Home Brewers, Brewing, Brewing and Kegging Step-By-Step Instructions with tags , , on July 22, 2013 by Verge

After NHC, and a party at Devin’s house on Saturday, and a solid showing at a Benefit we volunteered at, the club jockey box seemed to need some upgrades and modifications.


was a moldy canvas bag, but our spare parts are now in a handy, dandy tool box.


tagged that mo fo with the classic BL logo


stripped down all the faucets and disconnects to be soaked in some BLC


the box itself needed plenty of love, and so I broke all this down to the basics.


flushed all the lines out and scrubbed off the “grime” from the inside.


this is all the parts post scrubbing, and rinsed.


god damn, I’m fucking OCD. You want something cleaned and organized???? loan that shit to me for a weekend!

Articles and Ephemera about how Awesome Barley Legal Homebrewers actually are!!

Posted in Barley Legal Home Brewers, Brewing with tags , on July 5, 2013 by Verge

Thought about Club Night

Basic Brewing Radio live with Barley Legal and the Aeration Experiment

And a quick little shout out from them here

Beer and Wine Journal talks about the club Aeration Experiment

In Search of Beer article on Things Getting Weird

Philly Beer Scene mentions us!

Dave Houck goes for it at the Fast Rack Booth

James Spenser drinks for the Golden Urinal

Shawn had a really good set of photos here

Mat’s great photos over here!

Tim brags a little bit, but deserved every bit of it

Of course, a plug for my own Golden Urinal videos

And a link to my own set of photos

Jamil from the Brewing Network mentions his awesome time with us

Steve Wilkes talks with Dave Houck on Club Night

Gina Hyndman talks with Euro News

Yet Another Brewing Network Mention

Final Gravity Podcast mentions our Barley legal Booth from Club Night

please send me a personal email with a link to something I’ve missed (like your personal facebook gallery)!  Cheers!!

Videos from AHA National Homebrew Conference in Philadelphia 6/31/2013 Barley Legal Homebrewers Win the Golden Urinal

Posted in Barley Legal Home Brewers with tags , , , , on July 3, 2013 by Verge

While I wait to upload all the pictures from the past weekend, and explain what the hell they are all about, enjoy these videos of my brothers and sisters in Barley Legal Homebrewers enjoy the taste of victory from the coveted Golden Urinal.

The Fifteenth of May, Two Thousand and Thirteen

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After work, I met up with a few of the members of Barley Legal Home Brewers to work on our seriously amazing serving booth that was built for National Homebrew Conference, but is being test run this weekend at Yardley Beer Fest. Here, fellow member John Companick is  cutting out custom font letters to be wired up with lights like the one in the background near the shed, and hung over the saloon doors.


Meanwhile, President Evan Fritz hooks up the tubing that will serve delicious homebrew to the thousands of thirsty attendees at both events.


And this was my contribution – hooking up all the tubing for the CO2 manifold that will push all that beer out to the crowds.


Another shot of the rough side of the serving facade, with head designer and fabricator Jim Carruthers in the background.


And a quick shot of the front, sans the tap handles, faucets, drip trays and glass rinser. More pictures of a finished product to follow, or find some rough ones buried in pictures of Big Brew Day from a few weeks ago, where the booth took it’s first test run.


But, camaraderie aside, the best part of the night was the test run of Manayunk Brewery’s first ever canned product! Evan brought over a batch that was literally canned a few hours before we cracked them, possibly becoming the first ever party outside of the Brewery to enjoy canned beers from Manayunk. My choice -Monk from the ‘Yunk, a Belgian Triple that comes in at over 9% ABV, and was delicious.

My Day Eactly Two Years Ago; The Sixteenth of April, Two Thousand and Eleven

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We had decided on a guys night out.  First was Yards Brewers in Philadelphia.  We took a tour with a delightfully drunk tour guide who worked on the bottling line, and didn’t know a whole lot about how to actually make beer.  then we headed to Triumph Brewery on Chestnut Street for some beers and dinner.   The up to Mahogany, the cigar bar, where we enjoyed cocktails and cigars with other city folk, and ended up at Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company for some late night classic cocktails.

Barley Legal Home Brewers Adventure to Troegs Brewery

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no matter the angle, I still love the Philly skyline

As always, my home brew club’s all day party/brewery tour started in South Jersey and at an awful time in the morning.

Holy Shit!

It barely matters how long the journey will last, it’s divided in to three distinct parts, at least for me: This is part I – THE JOURNEY THERE…


…Part II – THE FEATURED DESTINATION. We arrived at Troegs Brewery early, and slightly buzzed from the “tasting” on the way. The staff had not yet arrived when we gathered aimlessly in the parking lot. The new pub/brewery destination lives in a shell once owned by the Hershey Corporation, whose history in this area have literally put the address of the new Togs location in Hershey, Pennsylvania.


Once we got in and started the tour, we got the “special” tour. Normally, regular folks get the run-of-the-mill, scripted plaque, this is kind of how we make beer tour. Not us! This is in their grain storage room, which is pretty boring to 99% of people, but for us nerds, this is where the action starts.


fermentation tanks, also behind the scenes, because, there’s nothing to see, except it’s like every home brewers dream to have this setup.


a view of our group.


this is a shot of Monika, taking a picture of their fancy prototype Randalizer/Hop Rocket. I would like here to an explanation of what that means, but none exists, so I guess that is my next Wikipedia project.


damn straight a craft beer brewery still uses the real thing.


well, before they transfer it to the practical things


Mad Elf a little hard to come by? Not here. They might have told everyone it was sold out, but I call Bullshit. They’re holding out.


Perennial favorite Nugget Nektar, a lovely little beer.


a good ol’ bottling line, make me reminisce about Strange Brew!


their aging and sampling room, which we did not get access to, but I hope to return to someday to sample some of their experimental creations.


this is at the end of the tour, which for most people, is the beginning, with our gracious tour guide in the background.

and Part III:  the ride home, the part where I sleep because, at the end of  a long day, I have to drive home!

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