Valenzano Winefest 2010

We didn’t have a huge group with us this year for Winefest, but we had a great time either way.  Valenzano Winery has around 20 different types of wines, all grown entirely from grapes grown in South Jersey.  That mean while other so-called New Jersey wineries import a percentage of their wine juices from other states like California, Valenzano only ferments New Jersey grapes.

Believe it or not, New Jersey is the fifth largest wine-producing state in the country and has over 40 wineries.  There’s even a Wine Growers Association (which is a little weird because you make wine, but grow grapes).  Valenzano, right in Shamong Township ten minutes from here, is one of the best.  They make Champagne, a delicious Old Indian Mills red, and my favorite, their recently designed Port.

This is about as rowdy as wine drinkers get

that's how full all glasses of wine should be

we had security take a picture of the three of us. that's my new hat

this is a shot of the bumper crop. the grape vines were literally saggging from the wieght of all the grapes.

it was a beautiful day, nearly the perfect day for drinking among the grape vines

the Gas House Gorillas. Pretty fun band, even if the singer wears a wife beater with suspenders.

Next year, we are getting a private tent.  Let me know if you want in.  It a great time and a perfect way to sample local wines among friends.


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