The Twenty First of September, Two Thousand and Ten (Devils Game with Monika)

Originally, it was supposed to be a guys night out with my boy Bruce.  But, things didn’t quite dovetail, and so, I got to bring my lovely wife instead, courtesy of Bruce’s saint-like generosity.  We headed to South Philly for the first pre-season game of the year, the Devils at Flyers.

Of course, we found the cheapest lot around, and at only ten bucks, we proceeded to tailgate and get our money's worth.

and what a beautiful view of Philadelphia it was from out car! Just look at that breathtaking view of Center City, that iconic skyline I love so much.

the view inside was much better

the seats were amazing. first level, like 14th row, and perfect vantage point. And, we didn't even get heckled too hard. Season ticket holders are so much cooler than your average Philly asshole sports fan. I think they respect the game more than the ridiculous banter and screaming obscenities.

There was a Phillies game going on also, which made it really easy to blend in with a crowd of red jerseys. Practically invisible.

and one more, possibly the last shot of the Spectrum I'll ever take. Poor, old arena. You were home to so many good memories...

Well, I guess they’ll blow ‘er up soon.  I almost considered buying  a pair of seats to this old dog, before they raze her.  Four hundred bucks.  But, my ticket stubs and hazy memories will have to suffice.

And anyway, it was an excellent night.  A night that was tonight, a great night, with my wife, in a new venue.  Once a year, my favorite sports team embarks upon a pre-season, on the verge of undetermined outcomes and an unsure future, as I watch on the sidelines with anticipation.

But every night, I get to enjoy a championship series game 7, with my emotions overflowing with awe of how beautiful and simple life should be.


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