The Twenty Third of September, Two Thousand and Ten

my job doesn't exist completely in the dark. sometimes I pretend to be a real life chemist!

being a chemist means I get to use big words like "titrate" and reagent" (both shot words in our house)

The Red Cross came to work (after I asked them to schedule it; I swear I get no credit).

I take slight pride that I can bleed out a pint of juice in just about five minutes. I'm not sure why that makes me proud. I think it's a guy thing somehow, but being able to bleed faster than others just doesn't make any evolutionary sense.

Had to stop by Woodstock Trading Company for some quality incense.

I'm not sure, but I think they collect herses because they like the Grateful Dead. Seems kinda a long shot, but they're pretty cool old school herses either way.

Woodstock is family owned. This is Seth. He is awesome. He knows too much about incense. If it was a drug, he'd be a junkie for sure. And, he's hilarious. Here, Seth holds up a vessel full of god knows what. Iced Tea? Liquid Incese? LSD? who knows, but it's pretty cool.


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