Valentine Day 2011

I went shopping for some presents for Monika in the morning while she was at work last Sunday.  On the way home, we were diverted to the site of the second of two landmark fires in Atco.  The first was Sally Starr’s pizza joint near the center of town.  The other…

the Golden Nugget kitchen, after someone had an so-called "accident." We were told that it had burned to the ground. It didn't, but Monika saw the inside and said it was well destroyed.

later, we headed into Philly with our friends, to eat sushi and have cocktails at Swanky Bubbles.


and after that, while watching the Grammys, we made chocolate covered strawberries (real ones). not that easy to find fresh strawberries in February, I've found. although, dirt cheap roses are sold at every gas station. go figure.

we rocked the champ, too. what else would you have during the grammys?

the next night, we gave a shot at our Valentine's Day beer. It stated as an American Cream Ale, but I decided to add Chocolate Malt, Sparkling Amber Malt, and...

fresh strawberries (and some blackberries) to add some sweetness to the brew.

if it turns out well, I'll have a glass for all of you. I tried a glass after just one day, and was satisfied, and as I write this, I can hear the persistent blub of bubbling brew in my kitchen and the batch ferments away.


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