The Fifteenth of September, Two Thousand and Eleven

stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond. As weird as that is, when I used the restroom, I was surprised to see it has been dubbed the "Tornado Shelter." Oddly enough, it would have been better to have an earthquake and hurricane shelter lately.

stopped by Canal's and found a new flavor of Three Olives..."Cake." This is bordering on insanity. If they end up making Three Olives "Sour Patch Kids," I'm in BIG trouble.

Got on a late night train to Philly. I really love the fact that Philadelphia is only half an hour away.

I met Monika at Woodcrest, and headed to Triumph where Elysa was waiting for us. She was in town for a week or so, bouncing around between friends and family at what I'm sure was a dizzying pace. We met for a cocktail the night before her and Sarah headed to NYC for a wedding. The music drove us out of Triumph and across the street to Eulogy, which is where I wanted to end up anyway.

three hours wasn't enough with Elyse, but the three of us had a great time sharing stories. I think Monika is ready to move to L.A. and surely wants to visit. Like Sam and Tuk in Ohio, I guess now it's our turn to visit the West Coast to hang with Elyse next time.

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