Hard Cider

Monika went apple picking with Cynthia last weekend. I would have loved to have gone, but I was stuck at work at the Mart. We had more that a couple could handle, so....

...we juiced that bumper crop of apples with a genius plan. This is our new juicer, the Breville made famous by that movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (check it out)

yeah, so that thing works WAY better than our old juicer, which actually worked pretty fine all on it's own anyway. Now I had some of this fresh juice, and it was delicious. Fresh apples, hours off the vine, taste just like October should, but we had other long term plans...

instead, we simmered the juice to make a batch of hard cider. Damn straight. That's what Autumn is all about. It's natural. Fruit falls, ferments, and makes me happy.

cooled the cider, pitched the yeast. It's been bubbling like crazy ever since. Should be ready in a few weeks. You should stop by one Sunday afternoon when we cook it up in a crock pot with some pumpkin spice and cinnamon sticks!

and, for a bonus, check out these pictures over at Cynthia’s Facebook page.


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