Some October/November Photos

This is some racking of the Hard Cider, which is now bottled and delicious.

as the weather got cooler in the last few weeks, with even a snow storm thrown in there, it's nice to still get fresh, organic fruits every week, delivered to our house.

we got a huge box of fresh cookies and sweets delivered from my mom for Halloween. our favorite...salty, chocolate cookies.

tried a new 750ml of this beer from our favorite Brewery. Pangaea is made with ingredients from all seven continents, including water from Antarctic glaciers.

business as usual at work, midway through the season

this is the film we have for the rest of the season. with Kodak on the verge of bankruptcy, let's hope this isn't the last of it

an unfortunate incident let me toast with this amazingly rare scotch that was truly a blessing

these guys aren't available...anywhere. I don't know how much it cost, but I know for sure I can't afford it. it's a shame the price we had to pay was so high.


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