“Winter” Poem by Ronnie Mund (of The Howard Stern Show) Rewritten like a Poet (transcribed words lyrics)

(I wanted to see if I could rewrite the poem “Winter” by Ronnie Mund and make it into my own style.  I thought it would be a fun exercise.  It’s kind of like when, back in Creative Writing school, we were asked to emulate the style of a poet or writer, except this is the opposite.  I want to keep the meaning, but change the style…drastically.  After searching for the transcription online, I found none, and did it myself.  Here ya’ go, Stern fans.)


by Ronnie Mund

Winter is when there are no leaves on the trees

Winter is when we say good bye to the birds and the bees

Winter is when we get an extra hour of z’s

Winter is when a red-suited man brings us all lots of glee

Winter is when the snow falls and we yell “Happy New Year”

Winter is when you turn that special girl or guy’s heart bright red with love and cheer, until this time again next year

Winter goes away…

And the birds and the bees

and the leaves on the trees

and the extra hour of z’s

all go back to where they should be.



Obviously, formatting  mine.  Here is the original.  I’d like to get J.D. to recite my version when I’m done.  Stay tuned.

Okay, here’s my attempt, first try. Like I said, I’m not a published poet or anything.  I used this more as a funny exercise than anything else.  Hope  you like the new version.



by Ryan Walsh

Frigid Winter winds lick leaves from limbs as

wing-ed travelers make their perennial voyage

and the Sun and I set earlier in our days.

Gifts exchange and crystal clinks

over Valentines and holiday drinks.

Another year turns over.

All things end…

      then are reborn again.


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