The Twenty Eighth of June, Two Thousand and Twelve

My job is really like a family. There’s bumps in the road, for sure, but Films has always been a close knit kind of place. Once a year (except during lock outs), the family, literally, honors those employees who have grown up inside the company.

A lot of us, many of whom were recognized today for their service, grew up in Mt Laurel, and have worked for the company our entire lives. Today, the company honored those of us who have worked for 10, 20, 25 ,30, and 50 years for Films.

I wasn’t one of them. On the record, I’ve only been employed there since 2007, but actually, I’ve been working with my peers for over 12 years, since I was 22 years old. If you don’t know who is in this picture…It’s our founder, Hall of Fame inductee Mr. Ed Sabol, and his son, our president, Mr. Steve Sabol. Their dream now employ 250 people, including me and many people I consider friends.

After the pin awards ceremony, and an incredible hilarious speech from Big Ed, the master story-teller, we headed outside for a celebration banquet and some summer games.

Along with the BBQ tent, we managed to organize 12 teams to pass the time playing Baggo. Now, I prefer Washers, but as long as the game allows for one free hand to hold a beer, I’m okay with it.

It was a double elimination tournament. Consequently, this motley crew and I were swiftly double eliminated, and then drank on the sidelines ( I cried silently in a bathroom stall, but no one has to know that). We aptly named our team the “Celluloid Zeroes.” Props to anyone who gets the reference.

Back at home, regular remodeling dreadfulness.

Eh, all my tools covered in dust. So tiring. Being rich must be fabulous.

But, Monika and I got some hang out time in the backyard, enjoyed a Thursday Martini together, and looked forward to the weekend

Eno escaped. We barely cared. Everyone deserves to run free at least once daily.


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