The Twenty Ninth of June, Two Thousand and Twelve

Had a short day at work, anticipating the holiday week. Justin and I had to head to Iron Hill to drop off our Iron Brewer 2012 entries. I had made a chocolate chip mint dessert ale. Judging goes down on Tuesday. If I win, which is a pretty remote chance (1 of 17 entries), I will have a pretty damn good time trying to replicate my brew.

got some disappointing news from the bar tender. The Mug Club at Iron Hill is apparently illegal in the eyes of Pennsylvania. I enjoyed the last mug of my membership, an American IPA called Hopera John, named after one of their regulars, a huge Opera fan.

I take the back roads home from work, and for that matter, take the same back roads to work in the morning. It’s not shorter, or quicker, but it keeps me off the highways, and it’s so much more relaxing. Not so today. Somebody ditched, probably because of some wild animals.

took a quick nap, and went into work at Keg and Barrel. It was a long night, no air conditioning, 100 degrees outside, and soupy. Finally, the end of my work week, and headed home to look forward to the weekend in Forked River with my parents and Monika.


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