Friday Inspiration Songs

I have a hell busy weekend.  So, I’m trying to look up and have a positive outlook.

The singer of Nothing spent 2 years in prison for attempted murder.   Now, that’s fucking punk cred.  This band just released their first album and I’m in love with it.

Cave In have gone through several singers, guitarists and style changes.   There was kick ass few years in the middle that were just right.  I picked up their album in a used record store on South St back when I lived in South Philly.  It kicked ass.   Sadly, when I went back to pick up their new record a few years later, it sucked, and I gave up on them.

The next band I cannot listen to without remembering drinking all night in my friend Steve parent’s basement when we were in high school until the sun came up.  Sunny Day Real Estate was on pretty much an entire summer.

I got way into Spiritualized during the time Elysa was in college and had an apartment near Rittenhouse Square.   We used to listed to their first few albums a ton.   I never gave up on them, even though J Spaceman practically checked out of life at least half a dozen times in the last 20 years.

When I was a freshman in college, I sat in my room pretty much all the time, smoking with my room mate, my friend Justin, or just by myself.   I listened to tons of music, back when I collected cds because glorious things like Spotify didn’t yet exist.  I stole this album from the little bodega on campus because I was broke and I could and I dug the cover art (which is done by the same guy who does artwork for Pink Floyd).  I had no idea who the hell Catherine Wheel was at the time, but I ended up buying and liking all the albums they’ve ever released.

God Lies Underwater is a huge reason I got into writing electronic music and formed an industrial band with my friend Bruce.  Sadly, this guy actually did check out.

Well, that was actually kind of depressing, in a morbidly fun kind of way!  Hope you enjoyed it!  I did.


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