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Late Sunday, Raining on my head…

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A New Year

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6:30 AM, alone in my office, building a vacant shell.

You want me?  Well come on and fucking break the door down…I’m ready.

Mark Kozelek is an Asshole… a Hilarious Asshole

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Mark Kozelek aka Sun Kil Moon aka Red House Painters has been in my playlists since I was a teenager.  I’ve only gotten to see him a few times live, but he’s been on repeat for two decades in my house, in my car, in my room…shit, on my discman.  He’s been the soundtrack to nights smoking out on a airport runway at midnight, the background to cleaning my toilets, the airy symphony to cocktails in my backyard with friends.

I’ve written about him before.  But I have to mention him again today.  He’s released a hilarious song that’s unbearably catchy.  Unfortunately, it’s also being called throw down song, or even a “bullying” song.  Now if you read this remarkably comprehensive and decidedly accurate account of Mark,  you’ll realize that this song was inevitable.  Hell, if I were in “War on Drugs,” I’d be downright honored that Mark chose me to bitch slap.  Not because I’m a masochist, or I think he’s God, but because I think he’s hilarious.

Face it.  Red House Painters grew up surrounded in a world of hate.  While he silently built a catalog under the waves, bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden battled to overthrow Guns ‘n Roses and Poison and Motley Crew.  No one ever even noticed him, except us shoe gaze losers who took too many art and poetry classes in high school.

So, finally, the man makes a song about the Postal Service and suddenly he’s popular?  You know what, I might be a little fucking pissed myself. You’ve gotta mention Ben Gibbard by name just to have your song played on satellite radio indie stations?

But the truth is this.  I’ve seen him throw a single person out of a show.  I’ve seen him shit on Philly the last time he was here, repeatedly saying that the Philly show “was the New York warm up show.”  Oh, sure, he said he was joking, but then said he was not.  And the truth is, that’s the actual truth.  You know what…Philly has always been the warm up show for the big MSG arena concerts, and there are hillbillies and rednecks in North Carolina, and yelling out song requests at an artist in the middle of their sets is obnoxious.

And, who doesn’t like a good old rivalry and diss song.  I think Mark isn’t an asshole at all.  I think he’s got a very misunderstood sense of humor in a culture of too sensitive crybabies.  “Their hair is long and greasy and I hope they don’t have lice,” is quite possibly the cheesiest playground banter ever written into a song’s lyrics.  If War on Drugs were up to the challenge, then they should cover Mark’s song at their next gig.  And fire back.  Not because they’re enemies, but because their in the same war together in the music industry.  I believe they’d call that friendly fire, just as long as no one ends up dead.


Tuesday Music

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My prediction.  Best Song, Best Recording, and Best Female Performance of the year.

So, here’s a little sampling of some shit’s she done without a Grammy so far.

No, this is not a cover.  This is who wrote the original.

The Nineteenth of May, Two Thousand and Fourteen

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Back at work this morning after spending the weekend alone.  Not really alone.  Monika was away, but I still found some friends to hang out with.  Sunday was the first day off I’ve had in about a month, and like an idiot, I stopped by work to say hello and ended up working for three hours or so.

The name of Florin is on my mind (and you’ll know why soon).  It brings to mind the name Florian, which is a beautiful name, and very close to the name Dorian, which has been on our minds lately.  And, it brings to mind this chick.

still hung up on this one.  But, this is the original.

Such a simple song.

Tuesday Variety

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Okay, so several of my friends question my taste in music.  Even battling me for who has the better collection.  I guess when you really love music, and talk to other music lovers, it’s bound to happen.  I guess we all love what we love.  So, eat this!

I’ve decided today is cover day.  Maybe if it’s done another way, you’ll learn to enjoy these songs.

Metal and Pop, what a beautiful combination.  When I was younger, all I listened to was heavy metal.  Metallica, Deicide, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, you name it.  Now I listen to a lot calmer music, and I’ve never lied about loving good old pop music.  I think Michael Jackson had something to do with it.


Speaking of my girlfriend, this happened back before the short, hot pixie cut and tattoos.


I had Billy Joel on my mind this morning.


okay, technically this is a cover of a cover (maybe) because Natalie Imbruglia made this song famous, but she stole it herself from someone, I can’t remember who.


I always loved this song, and tried to get my cover band to make it happen.  Never happened.


Neither did this one…yet.


This last one is on I think most people would say the original is just fine, but…you know, it’s cover day.  I’m allowed to love Pink.




Monday Musings

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Had a great weekend, complete with garden planting, two debates over the benefits of raising our own chickens, a show over in Philly, drinks with friends and neighbors, a prom, and the usual work/laundry/house cleaning!!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! ( a day late)

I love Chvrches, and this is awesome that they covered this song.  Hilariously, the video is exactly how they act on stage, so it’s pretty boring.  They supplement with a kick ass light show.20130623_222549_LLS

Obviously I’ve been on a huge 4AD kick lately, and I was never really into the Mountain Goats when they were on that label for a decade.  But, I’ve been really digging this song lately, and the video kicks ass.

I once went to see Damien Rice with my girlfriend because she was into him.  I thought it would be a laid back show, but it turned out to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  It rocked and he sang his ass off, and we were in the front row.  I’ve never seen this movie..yet.  Maybe soon.


Kill me Again…With Love

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Another Ordinary Thursday Afternoon

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I’ve been sick.  So shitty that I was well all winter long, through a blizzard outside in the cold, and when the weather finally broke, I did as well.  And then the weather turned mean to me again.

Passover Seder on Monday night was wonderful.   But the eclipse I had been looking forward to for weeks and all night had failed to thrill me.   Just a simple cold, cloudy night, alone in my backyard with an itch in my throat.   Some phenomena are more awe inspiring than others, I suppose.  All one can do is hope and wait.   Perhaps one day we’ll get a chance at something amazing again, or we’ll just ignore celestial events all together.

I’ve decided to take the day off tomorrow and run away on an adventure.  A great one.   Perhaps in the woods in Jackson I’ll discover Richey Edwards, and we can smoke a joint and do a shot, and discuss what happened the last fifteen or twenty years while he’s been lost.  I’ll ask him what he thinks of the Slowdive reunion just to piss him off, and he’ll just disappear completely and never be found again.  We are all lost at some point, some of us for longer than others.

My Thursday selections for you are as follows:

(these guys do a great Wicked Games cover as well)


When the sun hits, the clouds will clear, the fog will lift, and life will emerge.

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