The Twenty Eight of March, Two Thousand and Fourteen (Music for Your Drive)

For those of you waiting, I’ve been working on something for over a week now, but have been so busy, it’s been tough finishing.  In the mean time, here’s a song for the drive home tonight.

From one of my favorite collaboration bands (they call them Super Groups nowadays) , from the legendary 4AD label (which I’m going to celebrate in another post) called This Mortal Coil , here is “Song To The Siren.”  Originally written by Tim Buckley, here it performed by Robin Guthrie and sung by Elizabeth Frasier, both from the Cocteau Twins.

Later, Elizabeth Frasier recorded with Massive Attack.  Since the first song is a bit depressing, I leave with with something with a drum beat to keep you awake so you can make it all the way home tonight.  Turn it up as loud as possible.

And since your radio is already loud, enjoy the last track, with a little Tricky, just for fun.



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