Another Ordinary Thursday Afternoon

I’ve been sick.  So shitty that I was well all winter long, through a blizzard outside in the cold, and when the weather finally broke, I did as well.  And then the weather turned mean to me again.

Passover Seder on Monday night was wonderful.   But the eclipse I had been looking forward to for weeks and all night had failed to thrill me.   Just a simple cold, cloudy night, alone in my backyard with an itch in my throat.   Some phenomena are more awe inspiring than others, I suppose.  All one can do is hope and wait.   Perhaps one day we’ll get a chance at something amazing again, or we’ll just ignore celestial events all together.

I’ve decided to take the day off tomorrow and run away on an adventure.  A great one.   Perhaps in the woods in Jackson I’ll discover Richey Edwards, and we can smoke a joint and do a shot, and discuss what happened the last fifteen or twenty years while he’s been lost.  I’ll ask him what he thinks of the Slowdive reunion just to piss him off, and he’ll just disappear completely and never be found again.  We are all lost at some point, some of us for longer than others.

My Thursday selections for you are as follows:

(these guys do a great Wicked Games cover as well)


When the sun hits, the clouds will clear, the fog will lift, and life will emerge.


One Response to “Another Ordinary Thursday Afternoon”

  1. If you were alone watching the lack of eclipse, aliens must have abducted me in the duration and replaced my memory.

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