Recent Random Pictures

a recent batch of beer chilling off in my kitchen. I can't remember which one this is partially because...

...Kreg and I have been making a lot of beer lately. On the left is Mojoito Wine, Imperial Pale Ale (now on tap at my house) American Ale, Mexican Cerveza. The little guy in front is a yeast starter after I added an air lock.

this is Winston Churchill, my brother's family bunny. He pretty damn cool and I had to pay him a visit the other day when kreg and I stopped by his house.

faux Colosso. this is probably the wild cat that got kreg's cat pregnant last year. If you have one of his kittens, this is the father.

Eno defends his palace! kind of looks like Batman.

a shot of my hops growing like wild fire.

they shot up to 6 feet so quickly I added another 6 feet to the top using the bamboo tomato stakes from last year's garden.

I blogged about this earlier, but seriuosly, what chance did this little girl have when you named her "Misery?"

Recently subscribed to Suburban Organics, who wend you locally grown organic fruits and vegetables on a schedule every week. They are awesome. This was what we got last week for 25 bucks, delivered to our front door.


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