Cape May Continued…Dogfish Head Brewery and Brewpub

Marla and Rob got to leave the kids behind and go for an adult only adventure on Thursday to Delaware

Cape May - Lewes ferry takes your car to Delaware, and has bars on board...and takes credit cards

this is the outside of dogfish head brewery in Milton. It's such a tiny town to have such an awesome place in it. We still hope one day we will get an invite into the treehouse, but I think we'll have to move to Delaware and get a job at the factory, which isn't such a bad idea.

we arrived with no reservation for a tour, but got on the wait list, and had no problem getting in on one of the tours, which is what I kinda expected.

unbeknownst to us, it was International IPA Day. IPA is short for India Pale Ale, my absolute favorite style of beer. It is very hoppy, very bitter, and beautifully delicious.

on tap was 60, 90, and 120 minute IPA, the last of which is extremely rare this year, extremely expensive, and exceptionally tasty. Find some, if you can. Also, they served Burton Baton, poured through Randall the Enamel Animal, which is fresh grown hops, and was also delicious. All for free, too!

the tour of the brewery was just about the same as last time Monika and I visited, but was still pretty interesting. Our tour guide was very animate, and entertaining. This is a shot of the beginning gear of Dogfish Head, and as a home brewer, I really appreciate that this stuff has been saved and turned into a kind of museum at the brewery.

rocked the brewpub in Rehobeth Beach. They have an awesome menu with more vegetarian options that your average brewpub, which we obviously appreciate immensly. And, they have tons of Dogfish Head Beer, which I drank it all!! And we also filled a growler (which I brought from home), and scored a bottle of their Jin and their completey amazing peanut butter Vodka. dropped some cash!

waiting in line for the ride home to Cape May

scored some more beverages on the way home. We went to Delaware on a vassel named the New Jersey, which was relatively ghetto compared to the posh Twin Capes ferry we returned upon.

the top deck was windy and windy, but we got a pretty good view of everything and everyone, including Rob and Marla.

we joined the inside at the bar. An hour and fifteen minutes is a lot of time to party.

which Marla made good use of

but the day came to a close, on our way to Cape May.


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