Cape May Continued…

storm Monday night. I didn't really have a tripod, but I took some bulb exposures anyway, and tried not to let my drunk swagger ruin it too much

this is looking across Delaware Bay (or, essentially, Delaware River) towards Delaware.

the light show was pretty amazing, I just had a hard time holding the camera completely still for 60 second exposures

went to dinner not far from the house, rocked some frozen drinks

with the fam...

and this guy, Sal, who was awesome

we chatted with him after his second set, and ran into him in Cape May the next day while he was driving. hilarious



a rare picture of the author!

Tuesday night we had a bonfire, probably against the wishes of the home owner, but who cares

Monika makin' some smores, but for other people, cause smores aren't vegetarian 😦

went to Cabana's to check out some Cape May Brewery beer. This is all I got, the last half pint in the whole place. But at least I got it for free.

only place in the world to try their inagural beer, but I hope to be able to find it closer to home soon. Not too bad...tasted like my home brew, to tell you the truth.

and we spent the afternoon in downtown Cape May, and managed to not spend too much money, avoided the impending rain, and had a great time.


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